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Ready to Win at Horserace Betting? Here’s How to Get Started

Are you ready to place your bets? Horserace betting can be a worthwhile pastime, but let’s get you started with the basics.

Horse Racing Winners

Horse Racing Winners

Horserace betting can be an exciting and learning experience. For veteran horse racing enthusiasts, it’s a passion. For gambling aficionados, it’s a matter of strategy and trick of trade in terms of winning! So before you decide to bet on a horse, you need to know the fundamentals of horserace betting.

It’s exciting and profitable at the same time, but learning how the horse betting rules could be a bit confusing for a novice. There are a handful of factors that decide the results of a horserace, every factor should be taken into consideration before placing a bet. Before you know it, you will be an expert horse betting enthusiast already.

Here are some tips to get started:

1.) Find a Horse Track

Horse Race Track

The first step would be to locate a horse track and check its racing schedule. Once you arrive at the race track, you might want to familiarise yourself with the track but be sure to go there an hour earlier. This will allow you to warm up to the ambiance of the race track even before it’s crowded.

2.) Inquire About a Racing Program

Horse Race Program

Ask if there’s already an available racing program and purchase a copy. The racing program will be your guide in terms of knowing essential information about jockey profiles and horses for every race. It’s a best practice to bring a pen and a small tickler notebook so you can highlight important details on the racing program and take note of it as well.

3.) Choose a Seat

Pick a seat with a decent view of the race track and racing monitors. These monitors will display race numbers, live feeds, and dynamic betting odds. It’s important to be keen in terms of live feeds so you can be aware of real-time updates. Check your race program to find the race number on the monitors. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the races.

4.) Pick the Best Horses to Win

The race program should be your best pal when you review the horses and help you decide which horses you would bet on. Every horse has a number both found on the race program and its saddle pad. It’s crucial to evaluate the horses using the race program’s information but keep in mind that these published odds are simply estimates. Factors such as track condition and amount of money bet on the horse can be observed on the live feed monitors as well.

Always take note of:

  • The winning percentage of the jockey riding a certain horse. Check it under the jockey’s name.
  • The horse’s race record. The race program will show a diagram of the record.
  • The estimated odds of the horse winning the race, which will appear as a large number next to the horse’s information.
  • Trainer’s Winning Percentage
  • Owner’s Winning Percentage

5.) Decide the Type of Bet and Amount to Bet

Horse Race Betting

After reviewing the race program and evaluating the horses and jockeys, it’s time to place your bets. Here are the common betting terms:

  • Win – Bet if you think you know the winning horse ($5 on number 5)
  • Place – Bet if you think a horse will come in first or second
  • Show – Bet if you think a horse will come in first, second, or third
  • Exacta – If you think you know the first and second place horses in order
  • Quinella – Bet if you think you know the first and second place horses, but not the exact order
  • Trifecta – If you think you know the first, second, and third place horses in the exact order.
  • Superfecta – If you think you know the first, second, third, and fourth place horses in the exact order.

6.) Placing your Bets

Time to place your bets! But before you do, observe where everyone else is betting. You have slimmer odds when more people bet for a particular horse. Ideally, you would want to bet on a winning horse which isn’t favoured by the crowd. Find the betting table then place your bet with a cashier. The cashier will give you a ticket with the bet information.

Horse Racing Ticket

Sit back and enjoy the race. Watch for the official results to appear on the monitor. Discard losing tickets and present your winning tickets to the cashier to claim a cash voucher for the amount you’ve won. Present these vouchers to the cashier to claim your winnings in cash.

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