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When can you place a place card bet at Sportsbet Australia?

When can you place a place card bet at Sportsbet Australia?

Place Cards are Bets that allow you to select a horse to run a place in each of the four designated races and nominate your stake. These bets are available at online bookies for thoroughbred racing only and can be placed using your PC. The odds at these bets are determined by adding the four odds together. If all four of your horses run a place, you win! This type of bet is available at Sportsbet Australian bookie as well.

Place Cards are available daily for selected Metropolitan and Feature Country races. All you need is to check the Racing Menu on the bookies home page to view the place cards of the day when you login to your account.

Each Saturday Sportsbet gives you an exciting range of MultiVenue place cards. Suppose playing the All the 8s means you pick one horse in the 8th race of 4 different venues like Caulfield, Rosehill, Doomben & Morphettville. If your selection in one leg is scratched, then it becomes a three race Place Card and will be recalculated excluding that leg. If there are late scratchings on other horses – then the rule applies.

 Bets at horseracing

Bets on Horse racing

The best online betting horse racing sites group the events by country and track, but you’ll usually see the most popular events highlighted. It’s not uncommon to see a clock beside each race, so you’ll know how much time you have to do you research before placing your real money bets. When you find a race that looks interesting, simply click on it to reveal the race card.

Horse racing betting race cards can look a little confusing, but they are actually filled with possibilities and useful information. A typical card features a list of horses and accompanying odds. The online give you endless ways to wager and the race cards is the data they give you. You’ll find each horse’s post position, trainer, jockey, weight, age, previous race results, and often valuable analysis. As you can probably tell, horse racing betting success isn’t about dumb luck. There is research and data available to you. It’s not essential that you follow the sport religiously to win real money.

Odds on horse racing

At online bookies horse racing punters may encounter different kinds of odds.  They are typically expressed with a plus sign followed by a number. This indicated your potential profit on a $100 wager. Like odds of +250, mean that you stand to gain a $250 profit on a $100 bet. Of course, you are free to bet any amount within the specified minimums and maximums.

You may also encounter fractional odds in the format of 5/2 or decimal odds of 3.5 for the same bet. These are all identical and online horse racing online sites make it easy to toggle between formats. Decimal odds can look inflated, but keep in mind that when performing calculations, the results include all the cash that’s returned to you if your bet wins, including your original wager. For example, a $100 bet multiplied by 3.5 odds equals a $350, but also includes your $100 bet for a potential $250 profit. If any of this seems confusing, the sportsbook handles all the math so there’s never really any surprises.

Horse racing bets at online bookies

Horse racing betting options

Horse racing betting options are divided into straight wagers, where you bet on a single horse, or exotic wagers that cover multiple horses with one bet. Some of the most popular online bookie horse bets are the following:

  • Win – Betting that your horse will win the race by finishing first.
  • Place – Betting that your horse will finish first or second. Provides worse odds than a win, but offers a bit of a hedge.
  • Show – Betting that your horse will finish first, second, or third. Less lucrative than a place wager, but has a much greater likelihood of panning out.
  • Exacta – Betting on two horses to finish first and second in a specific order.
  • Quinella – Wagering on two horses to finish first and second irrespective of order.
  • Trifecta – Betting on three horses to finish first, second, and third in a specific order.
  • Superfecta – Predicting the top four horses and their order of finishing the race.

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