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What is the Odd Boosts and how to use it at bookies for horse racing?

What are odd boosts in horse racing
What are odd boosts in horse racing

Many online bookies in Australia are now offering a feature called Odds Boost on horse racing. At these online sports betting sites Aussie punters are given one odds boost each day allowing you to boost your potential winnings on a range of bet types.

What you need to do is you simply add a bet to your bet slip or Quickbet and activate the odds boost button to watch your potential winnings. The best part is that your odds boost is again active to use the very next day as the Odds Boost balance is replenished overnight. But you cannot stockpile boosts so either you use it or lose it! Odds Boost is offered on Fixed Odds or Tote Exotic bets for any Australian, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore races. Exotic bet types include Exacta, Quinella, Trifecta and First Four.

The Odd Boosts

How to use odds boost at online bookies in Australia?

To get more chances to increase your odds the bookies are offering extra sports and racing events available to be boosted without affecting your Odds Boost balance. Extra boosts are available to recreational punters by activating the button in the bet-slip wherever you see the blue Extra Odds Boost logo.

  • Extra events are also listed on the bookie site, so that you can check and click through to place your bets.
  • With Odds Boost you can instantly increase the value of Fixed Odds Win bets (Racing and Multis), or Tote and Fixed Odds Exotics!

The Multi bets you can boost on any Fixed Odds Win multi bets. This includes multis with a combination of racing or sport legs. Multi combination bets are excluded from Odds Boost as all selections in the multi must win to be eligible.

Boosting multis, singles, and exotic racing bets are mutually exclusive. This means you can boost different bet types from the one market. Like, you can use an Odds Boost on a multi bet, even when it includes a leg that was boosted as a single racing bet type. However, you cannot boost a market more than once using the same boost type. This means you cannot boost a multi bet containing a leg that’s from a market that’s already been boosted in a multi bet; and you cannot boost two exotics bets from the same race.

Also there are limitations on boosting multi bets The maximum stake for a multi boosted with Odds Boost is $500. The maximum dividends for a multi boosted with Odds Boost are as follows:

  • 2 legs – 200 to 1
  • 3 legs – 500 to 1
  • 4 legs – 1000 to 1 and
  • 5 or more legs – 5000 to 1

Also the maximum stake per combo for a boosted Exotic bet is $200. In exotic bet rather than rolling up your dividend, your Flexi% will increase when any Fixed or Tote Exotic bets are boosted, providing punters with a greater return on your winning dividend.

The odds boost Extra

Odds boost extra

Odds Boost Extra provides recreational punters additional boosts on selected fixed priced win racing and sports markets. Odds Boost Extra are bonus boosts and separate to your daily Odds Boost balance, meaning they will not be deducted from your daily Odds Boost Balance.

Navigate to the selected racing and sports markets where Odds Boost Extra is available, add the bet to your betslip, click on the Odds Boost Extra button and watch your odds increase.

You can look out for the blue Odds Boost Extra logo to find racing and sports markets where you may claim an extra boost.

At the bookie site Odds Boost will be unavailable when you’ve reached your daily odds boost balance. The Odds Boost button will continue to show in your bet slip and Quickbet for Odds Boost related bet types until your daily odds boost balance has been reached.

Note that you are not able to use bonus bets in conjuction with Odds Boost and Odds Boost Extra. This is because you are only able to place an Odds Boost and Odds Boost Extra bets from your cash balance. But you can use the cash out feature as cash out / partial cash out is available for boosted bets. The cash out or partial cash out amount is based on the original odds of the bet, and not based on the boosted odds.

How and where to get odds boost for racing?

Many online bookies in Australia are offering odds boost.  Here find some of the top sports bookies that offer odds boost to punters.

Ladbrokes.com.au,  and Sportsbet.com.au, Bet 365, Unibet, Betfair, Neds are best bookies online that offer boosted odds, while some other bookies will offer individual boosted markets as part of their promotions, rather than allowing you to click a button to enhance the odds. Before you can get boosted odds, you must first open an account with one of the bookmakers that offers it.


Odds boost - Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes was one of the first bookmakers in Australia to introduce an Odds Boost and has made a number of amendments since, broadening its reach to sports. Most punters will have a special or a horse they have been following and the Odds Boost is a way their clients can maximise their opportunity on that selection.


Sportsbet Power Play

Sportsbet offers Power Play function works essentially the same way as Ladbrokes Odds Boost. You add your selection to your bet slip and hit the Power Play button, instead of odds boost.


Neds Odds boost

Neds offers price boost which is a popular ‘Tool Box’ for punters available for sport and racing. Neds introduced its ‘tool box’ which is essentially a bevvy of punters bonuses that includes Price Boost, ‘Fluc Up’, ‘Jump off’ and ‘Back Up’. There are a number of ways Neds punters can gain Price Boosts, including as part as a bonus promotion, incentives for wagering and for signing up and making deposits.

The Neds Price Boost has a max stake of $1000 and there are some markets in which Neds won’t permit boosted odds on. Neds does allow punters to ‘build up’ the number of price boosts in your tool box, so you can use more than one ‘Price Boost’ per day, but not on the same bet.

Though odds boost work on similar platform at all online bookies the choice is yours to select the one where you wish to do horse betting in Australia.

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