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Viatek Hcp Race on the Geelong Circuit

This Tuesday on the Geelong circuit, we have the Viatek Hcp race as the 5th race of the day on the circuit. In this race Scoring is the favourite to win, with a win rate of 16.36%. The most unlikely horse to win is Here De Siren, with a win rate of only 3.23%.

The Geelong track has a circumference of 2043 meters on the inside, but this race will be 1000 meters. The track tries to give every gorse a chance by having by having only 400 meters of its track be straight.

The most famous race held on the Geelong circuit is the Geelong Cup. This year (2015) it will be held on the 21sr of October. The Geelong Cup is a 2400 meters race. The first Geelong Cup was held in 1872, and was won by Flying Scud, when the track was still 3200 meters instead of 2400 meters. Now a days the Geelong Cup is seen as the most reliable guide for the winner of the Melbourn Cup. The price money for the Geelong Cup is 300.000 Australian Dollars.

Lately the Geelong Cup has been considering a deal with the Melbourn Cup. This deal makes sense since many Jockeys used the Geelong Cup to as their last (big) race before the Melbourn Cup, and because as already mentioned the Geelong Cup is the best predictor for the Melbourn Cup.

For the race this Tuesday there is a predicted 50% chance of rain with wind speeds of around 24 kilometre an hour and a temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius (or 68 degrees Fahrenheit). This would be weather that gives an advantage to horses that can handle a wet track.

Hopefully the people live will have a nice day despite the rain.

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