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What is trifecta in horse betting Australia

Trifecta is a terminology used in Australian horse racing to mean pari-mutuel bet whereby a bettor has to predict the horses which will finish first, second and third. A trifecta bet gives you a chance to get a lucrative return.

The lowest stake on a Trifecta bet

The minimum amount of money you can stake for a trifecta bet is normally either $0.5 or $1. This kind of bet is available in almost all horse race betting sites and is applicable in all breeds of horse racing including trifecta wager on thoroughbred racing, bets on harness racing and also trifecta wagers on greyhound racing.

Trifecta bet payout


The payouts for a trifecta wagers are not limited and are calculated by the pari-mutuel system where everybody with a winning ticket is paid from the same shared pool of money which has already been collected. Winning a trifecta bet in horse race betting is hard, but if you win you will get a good return because of the long odds and huge payoffs.

There are different types of the trifecta:

Standard trifecta

A standard trifecta implies having the initial three runners over the line in a specific order. Suppose you had the number 1 to win, 4 to come next and number 7 to come third in your trifecta. They would need to cross the line in that exact sequence to get a payout. On the ticket or the site, this implies you will stamp/tick the first box for number one, check/tick the second box for number 4, and check/tick the third box for number 7.


Box/Flexi Trifecta

The second choice you have is to do a boxer trifecta. This implies if by chance you have similar three numbers, they can finish in any sequence for you to win the wager. With the numbers 1,4,7 in a flexi trifecta there would be six conceivable combinations they could come across the line:

  • 1,4,7
  • 1,7,4
  • 7,4,1
  • 7,1,4
  • 4,1,7
  • 4,7,1

Therefore, on the off chance that you needed to have a $1 box trifecta with these numbers, to get 100% of the profit you should pay $6 for the six distinctive conceivable combinations. If you somehow happened to pay $3 for this wager, you will just get 50% of the profit. This is additionally called a flexi wagered trifecta. On the off chance that you needed a $1 box trifecta with four horses, it would cost $24 for 100% of the profit. For five horses it would cost $60. The cost of the wager ascends as the number of horses you have in the box trifecta rises.To place this kind of bet, you just check all of the stallions in the first box on your wagering ticket, or on your site.

Percentage Trifecta


This enables bettors to choose how much they would like to spend on a trifecta. The less amount they want to stake, the lower the percentage they will get. Usually, betters select a couple of favorites with relatively few roughies and hope to receive a small slice of a large trifecta.

Champion trifecta

The last kind of trifecta is the champion trifecta. This implies on the off chance that you have the numbers 1, 4, 7 in your wager and you trust that number 7 will probably win, then you can check number 7 in the first box on your wagering slip, and number 1 and 4 in the second box on your slip. This implies number 7 must win, while the numbers 1 and 4 can complete second and third in any sequence. You can do a similar thing on the off chance that you believe a horse will come second or third.


First Four

To take a first four, you need to choose the first four runners home in a race. Besides the risk involved, there is a possibility of lucrative payouts depending on the size of the pool. For instance, the First Four of 2013 Melbourne Cup paid $118,000 extra and opportunities like those ones are the one’s bettors target.

For all the already mentioned betting types, there exists an Easybet option. This does much of the thinking for you as much as your bet is concerned.  All you have to do is to click on the option at any of the horse race betting websites and it will produce a bet for you.

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