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Horse-racing apps on App Store

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Are you keen on horse-racing but cannot get to the track because it’s too far? Or are you keen but do not want to get up, dress up and mix with the crowds? Welcome to the world of mobile! The day will come when there will be an app for everyone and everything. Horse-racing is already no exception and there is a formidable list of apps on the iTunes / App Store.

First up is Horse Races Now, which got mostly four-star reviews and is free. Designed by a trainer, it is well supported and features favourite horses, favourite trainers and favourite jockeys. Favourite owners is one enhancement requested and the app may already have this feature.

Training a Derby champion

The Derby Quest Horse Racing Game, also free, enables you to grow your stable with different horses and train them to become Derby Champions. You can breed your champion racehorses to create ‘super baby’ horses and the game includes simulated horse care taking. It covers the full cycle of “breed, feed, train and race”.

Derby Days is free, but extra features can be bought. The game includes the ability to provide the ideal living space for your horses by building you own ranch with beautiful buildings, a stream pool and a corner track. New content is set to be released “intravenously”, so that there is always something new to play with.

Now in 3D

Jumping Horses Champions, at $0.99, offers 3D graphics that mix an arcade style with the characteristics of simulation. The game brings the experiences and emotions of show jumping together in an immersive 3D environment.

Horse Racing Winner 3D, free, is all about building your horse-racing environment in 3D. From the traditional grass runway and sand to alien physiognomy such as Pandora star, there is also elaborately painted beautiful scenery available to place outside of the runway. The game provides eight kinds of mounts, including Mechanical Dinosaur, Zombie Horse, and Unicorn.

You wanna bet?

Wager to Win focuses on betting and includes a comprehensive set of tutorials that will help you win money at the track. Players are introduced to Pari-Mutual gambling, detail of all the possible wagers at racetracks and their costs, how to construct boxes and wheels, how to find high percentage wagers and recognize good plays.

The Equibase offerings

The free Today’s RacingTM app from the Equibase company is the official source for racing information and statistics to help players keep up with thoroughbred racing. This game provides updates on entries, changes, results, replays and handicapping products for every North American Thoroughbred track.

Also by Equibase, America’s Best Racing offers searches by races, horses, trainers, jockeys or tracks. Players can watch free video replays along with result charts as races happen. America’s best races can be relived back to 2010.

The TrackMaster Pocket Handicapper PPs is horse-racing’s leading choice for handicapping Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse and Harness Racing. The game enables users go deep inside the vast amounts of exclusive ratings and statistics waiting to be unlocked inside each race.

These games are a handful of all horse-racing mobile apps available and the list will grow. They all have reviews and feedback from users and it should be easy to find the game that suits you best. Happy horse-racing from your armchair!


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