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Horseracing: 7 video games to choose from

Are you keen on games featuring horseracing? A lot is being said about mobile games, but do not forget the benefits of the traditional TV or “Video Game” – high definition imaging, huge screens, great surround sound and even 3D options.

A good game should at least have the following criteria: (1) it should be a racing game with horses, (2) it should focus on accurate and realistic simulation of the sport (not too abstract or dexterity based), (3) it should be flawless and respond quickly to inputs and (4) it should be fun to play.

Here’s a shortlist of video games on horseracing:

Starters Orders 4

This game offers a very inclusive horseracing simulation. It features financial gains through both betting and stable wins, very detailed horse attributes, robust training and breeding options. Optional direct jockey control is available with races varying from the Melbourne Cup to the Aintree Grand National.

Gallop Racer

Gallop Racer is an open-ended game. You buy horses to train, race, and breed. Most of the Gallop Racer franchise revolves around this theme. There are two basic divisions in the Gallop Racer series – dirt and turf. Obviously, this represents the preferred surface of the horse. Some horses can run well on both turf and dirt. The game features most of the major tracks in the United States, Japan, and Europe.

Japan World Cup 3

It’s been described as the craziest horseracing game ever. The game randomizes pre-made scenes based on which horses are racing and how far they are down the course. Racing yetis, strippers fighting on horseback, stallions running around the track while performing ballet moves, giraffe morphing elephants, dolphins – time to forget everything you think you know about horses, racing and gaming!

Melbourne Cup Challenge

The Melbourne Cup Challenge is based on the (yes, you guessed right), Melbourne Cup. There are multiple game modes including career mode with auctions, horse breeding, training, stable management, jockey challenge and betting. The graphics are very good with realistic horses and jockeys, weather effects, and accurately modelled international racecourses.

Derby Owners Club

This is the game where each player acts as owner, trainer, and jockey at each of a number of consoles. Players can then train their horses to improve in the horses abilities using pre-purchased memory cards, breeding via the console, or retired cards. Occasionally you will get a special horse, which does not necessarily run faster or have better stamina – it will just have special markings like okapi, zebra, panda, and more.

Winning Post 7 Maximum

Winning Post World is the fifteenth game in the Winning Post series and the second game in the Winning Post World sub-series. With this game, you can breed horses in your own farm, race them, hire trainers and buy from auction houses – the complete racing world experience. The game puts a big emphasis on cultivating a stable of thoroughbreds. It has international horse races and the ability to breed horses with those from overseas. It’s the game for you if you want to manipulate the lives of horses and become the wealthiest horse farmer in the world.

Champion Jockey: G1 Jockey & Gallop Racer

Though unlicensed, the game makes use of real life courses by changing their names. It’s not for the casual gamer as it’s complex and requires dedication. It offers a variety of game types, including pre-set challenges and exhibition races. Players create their own jockey and align themselves with one of the various stable owners.

There are many more horseracing video games. Just working through this short list should give you an idea of what’s available out there so you can make an informed choice. Time to get that latest high-definition TV screen!



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