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Tips for Betting on Flat Races

In terms of betting and properly choosing a selection, there are many variables that you must consider, such as the horse’s shape and the performance of the jockey, the starting stalls, weather conditions and so on. In order to choose a selection, you can base your decision on all kinds of rules and that promise to help you win, such as betting on races in which participate less than 12 horses or simply betting on a favorite horse. These indicative guidelines are generally valid and you should take them into consideration before placing a bet. In this particular case, flat racing is widely discussed.

General considerations

Overall, if you are convinced that a certain horse has an outstanding chance of winning, then you should definitely bet on it. Its winning history is not necessarily important since non-favorite horses bring the best long-term benefits, given their generous odds. In addition, try not to give too much importance to what happened during the last horse racing season because that aspect is less relevant than what happens during the current season. The main idea is to think twice before betting on horse races that have participants coming back after a long period of absence. Their performance will definitely be unpredictable.

Flat racing tips

In case of flat racing, the starting stall is of greater importance than you might think, especially in sprints between 1000m and 1400m. However, this also applies in case of distances between 1600m and 2000m. This tip is based on the proximity to the inside curve from any route. This is because it allows competitors to cut the curve faster and to position themselves on a strategic place. In case the racing takes place on straight racecourses, then the same stall is preferred with the exception of a few situations. Be extra careful when you place a bet because not all the racetracks are using the same numbering system.

Flat races are shorter than other types of races and they do not include obstacles. If a horse is in a good shape, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will win because these types of racetracks and their difficulty level are often misleading. For example, if the number of competitors is less than 8, you should expect strange results. Most of them will get a great start because there is no danger of conglomeration, but also some of them will use fake paces to deceive others. Therefore, even though races with more than 8 competitors are tricky, experts recommended those to the detriment of the ones with fewer competitors.

Horses that participated in races during the last 6 to 10 days should be among your top choices. Also, you should not be afraid to bet on horses that were not ranked in top 3 when they last ran, but which have previously shown great performance. Moreover, focus on betting on races from lower classes because they are organized more often and you have enough time to learn more about the horses and the jockeys that will participate.

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