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You would think that within the abundance of mobile casino games there would be a good selection of apps for horserace betting. Well, not much horsing around is required to conclude that there actually are very few, especially ones that involve real money. The good news is that the available games offer much more than just placing a bet and leaving it all to chance. Your involvement can vary from choosing your horse and training it, to actually riding it on beautifully presented racetracks. Mobile phones generally live up to the game with graphics and sound effects that can make these games a realistic and fun experience.

What is in store?

First up in the Google Apps Store is “iHorse Betting” – a game where you can be a jockey, a trainer, the owner, breeder and bettor. The game graphics are impressive and exciting features include commentary in another language. Buying a horse allows you to see its data, history and records. Even information on some world-class jockeys is made available. Betting on a horse and winning a race require more than just luck. You have to apply some intelligence and consider external factors such as weather before you place your bet. The game is rated 3.9 in the Google Store, but there are some mixed reviews. It is also available for iPhone. (What did you expect?)

AppCrawlr presents a comparison of alternatives games to iHorse Betting. A chart on their website shows that iHorse Betting costs $3.99US, while most alternatives are free, or cost between $1US and $2US.

Moving over to Microsoft’s app store we find “iHorse Racing”, which also got mixed reviews.  Microsoft calls it the most comprehensive horse racing game in the world. Cheers to Microsoft! As with iHorse Betting, you will find many elements about horse racing in this game:

  • Horse Auction – Pick your best stallion and horse.
  • Stable Management – Your secretary and trainer help you to manage and train horses.
  • Horse Training – Various feeds and a training program.
  • Race Entries – Over 60 different group and inter class races to compete.
  • Player-controlled Riding System – Ride and control your own horse in “Jockey’s perspective”.
  • CPU-Jockey Hiring System – You may also hire a world-class CPU-jockey to ride for you.
  • Rating System – Racing results affect horse ratings and you will enrol your horses according to this.
  • World Jockeys Ranking – Rank the results of players who ride a player-controlled horse.
  • World Trainers Ranking – Rank the results of players who hire a CPU-Jockey.
  • Facebook Friends Ranking – Rank the results of all your Facebook friends!

Gamerankings lists three horse betting games. When clicking on these games to get further detail, one is re-directed to gamefaqs.com/iphone. The first game, iHorse Betting, was discussed above. The second, Lakeview Horse Racing Betting game, is described as a “realistic virtual horse racing game for your iPhone. If you like animal racing games, then this game is for you.” An interesting incentive to join, is the feature that promises you $1000 free dollars to start with. What? No download link could be found for this game, released in August 2013.

More recently released (April 2015), is the third alternative: “Virtual Horse Race: Betting on the Derby Quest Champions Winner at Jumping Life Adventures”, which is a rather long name that makes up for the complete absence of any information about the game.

What is out of store?

Digiturf offers you the chance to “experience the thrill of owning, training and racing virtual horses in live 3D. Explore your stable management skills and apply your winning strategies as you race against a global community of players for real cash prizes.” You open an account and buy credits to use for placing bets; you can of course cash in any winnings. The Hobart Race

Live mobile racing is made possible by Digiturf’s mobile platform that enables you to manage your stable, train your horse and enter races from far away without the faintest smell of horse manure or track turf. You could be sitting on a beach somewhere while you race your horse.

Most games allow you to try it free and without placing real bets to start with. There are many games that do not involve any real money, e.g. Poki.com offers “Horse Bet Racing”. This is a good way of learning the tricks of the trade until you are ready to stop horsing around and start playing with real money.




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