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Racing Australia and TBA Agree on Breeder Amendments

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Racing Australia has been pro-active in improving aspects of thoroughbred racing in the country. After it has welcomed ASIC’s amendments on horse racing syndicates, Racing Australia is now focusing on the health and welfare of thoroughbreds and foals.

Thoroughbred Breeders Australia (TBA) and Racing Australia have agreed to certain amendments to the rules and regulations of breeders and foal owners. Racing Australia aims to bring breeders under the rules of racing in order to make thoroughbreds traceable from birth for welfare and integrity purposes.

Racing Australia and TBA also agreed to a requirement to declare ownership of foals, which means breeders would be governed by the rules of racing when signing stallion and mare returns or new breeder registration forms.

Amendment to Promote Welfare of Thoroughbreds

Thoroughbred Breeders Australia

Thoroughbred Breeders Australia has previously opposed the amendment since it will increase financial and administrative burdens of stud farms. The great news is that Racing Australia and TBA have been collaborating on certain aspects of the proposed amendments to reach an agreement. The agreement reveals that stewards would only be given access to stud farms to test prohibited substances in racehorses, illegal steroids in young horses, and to monitor the health and welfare of horses.

“Integrity and a drug-free racing environment is critical to the confidence of the public in the Thoroughbred racing industry. Equally as important is ensuring the health and welfare of our horses. It is our aim that Australia has rules of racing that represent world’s best-practice and address all of these issues.” said John Messara, chairman of Racing Australia.

Thoroughbred owners and breeders who are filing foal ownership declaration are obliged to agree and be bound by the rules and regulations of racing. The regulations govern horse racing-related issues such as prohibited substances, illegal steroids, traceability, and animal welfare.

Setting a Industry Best Practice

basil nolan

TBA’s Basil Nolan advocates for best practices for international horse racing standards

Racing Australia and Thoroughbred Breeders Australia also announced that plans to create a Racing and Breeding Advisory Committee. The committee will be comprised of representatives from both sectors that will handle horse racing issues and concerns to provide assistance to owners and breeders.

“The board of Thoroughbred Breeders Australia is pleased that we have come to an agreement with Racing Australia and I would say both parties have discussed our issues in good faith. We look forward to continuing this consultative relationship with the newly established Racing and Breeding Advisory Committee.”, says TBA Chairman Basil Nolan.

TBA and Racing Australia believe that the welfare of thoroughbreds is always top priority. Both organizations believe that these amendments will not only benefit the local industry but is expected to set best practices for the international horse racing industry.

Do you think the amendment will help the horse racing industry? Or there are additional concerns to address?

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