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Quarter Horse Racing Betting is Set to Offset Greyhound Losses

Greyhound races will be banned in July next year. Will quarter horse racing be able to make up for its losses?

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Australian bookmarkers are already internally discussing the idea of betting on quarter horse racing. They will explore offering on a quickfire form of horse race betting which will be legalised in Queensland with races starting as early in January of next year. The campaign is set to compensate greyhound racing’s revenue losses once the band in NSW’s greyhound race betting is implemented.

Greyhound Racing Ban Creates a New Betting Product

Fairfax Media describes quarter horse racing as sprint races conducted by shorter and stockier horse breeds compared to their thorough-bred cousins which are popular in the US. The Australian Quarter Horse Racing Development is eyeing Queensland tracks at Gympie and Warwick for its start-up venture. Quarter horse racing will begin once it has been completely approved by the state government. The federal legislation is set to open a new betting product for Australian punters.

Quarter Horse Racing

Horse racing enthusiasts will be able to place wagers on the Twenty20 style of horse race betting where race events run over distances from 400 metres to 800 metres in condensed programs. These quarter horses will be bred using artificial insemination, meaning they can source frozen semen – or straws – from top American stallions to influence local bloodlines.

The Australian Quarter Horse Racing Development says that a pool of 400 horses is set to be used before breeders focus on expanding local programs. Australian quarter horses have traditionally competed in barrel racing and camp drafting events.

Sportsbook Portals Preview America Quarter Horse Racing

Sportsbook operators are aware that quarter horse racing is set to make up for the losses for the Premier Mike Baird’s band on the $335 million NSW greyhound racing industry. Ladbrokes has started to stream American quarter horse races on its portal. “If we were comfortable from a legal and ethical perspective, we’re absolutely interested in the product and how we could offer it to our customers,” a Ladbrokes spokesperson said.

TABCORP is expected to have a 5% loss from the closure of the NSW greyhound racing industry. TABCORP’s CEO David Attenborough is confident that alternative events such as quarter horse racing will compensate for the loss. The company is expected to explore options to offer wagering services once the quarter horse racing is legalised.

“We’re not aware of any progress in Queensland for quarter horse racing, if it did eventuate and we were approached to offer betting we would consider it as we would any other new product.” a TABCORP statement said.

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