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Punting tools that make you a sure winner


Your betting (punting) stands a much better chance of landing you good winnings if it’s supported with a good set of tools. Such a toolset consists of a betting calendar, betting form, betting calculator, betting articles, staking plans, winning strategies and more.

The betting calendar is your schedule of racing events to ensure you know exactly when your next race is being run. This is quite important, or what?

The betting (race) form can often be downloaded in Excel/CSV format and gives incremental sectional times, energy/split ranking maps, in-run position and margin tables, class benchmarking and time charts. It facilitates a way to record your own notes against individual horse races. The form is often integrated with other on-line tools such as a race sectional times analysis suite of tools.

A betting calculator is a must-have for the serious punter. This tool provides detailed ratings-based form analyses. Enabling you to bet on multiple selections, it is a good way of increasing your overall chances of betting on that winning race. A betting odds converter converts bookmaker odds into betting percentages and TAB prices.

Not all are free

You can subscribe to all these tools at a fee, which often ensures you have access to on-line racing databases. Data comes from popular ratings compilation organisations in Australia and elsewhere. Using this data, you can test your theories using a long period of ratings data.

Not all are complicated

Tools do not have to be complicated. With the information available today, you can press a play button on a website and have a full replay of most races, watching your favourite horse in action to help you make punting decisions. Factors like weather also play a role in races, so a simple weather forecasting tool can also assist in making the right punting decisions.

Sell your own system

If you like the idea of using tools, you could go to town and build up a solid collection for punting. This could become your unique “system”, which you can even sell one day!



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