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Punting Pointers For The Novice Punter!

In this blog we are going to provide you with some punting pointers for the novice punter. The advice we give you is honest and straight forward, however, the first thing you must remember as a beginning punter is that nothing connected to betting is 100% certain. If gambling was down to a science everyone would be raking in the dough. That is not reality, but there are things you can do to increase your odds of winning. Our focus is on punters who want to be successful at punting on the horses.

Not like in the Movies

In the movies a guy glances at his racing form, flips a coin, bets his life savings on a long shot, and strikes it rich. This very seldom happens in the real world. In reality punters need to be smart. They need to have a plan and they need to stick to it. Never stroll into the horse racing facility to punt on horses unless you are as prepared to lose are you are to win.


No, we are not telling you to attend a university until you receive a Masters of Punting degree. What we are saying is that you need to educate yourself thoroughly on the events you are punting on. In this case we are advising you to gather all the information you can on the horses, the trainers and the jockey’s. A punter should actually create and carry a log filled with the valuable information they have accumulated.The more you learn about horse racing; the better chance you will make an educated decision when placing your bet.

The Betting Process

It is imperative that you know how the betting process works. You need to understand how the odds affect your wager. Perhaps the best piece of advice we have to offer is that you never ever bet more than you are prepared to lose. This sounds easy enough, but you would be surprised. Punters need to be good money managers. Plan what you want to bet on each race and do not alter your plan just because you are losing. Racetracks and bookies love punters that increase their wagers in an attempt to make up for their losses. Our advice is to stay cool and bet smart.

The Long Shot

If a horse is sporting odds of 50/1 it is considered a long shot to finish in the money. It is commonly believed that only 1% of these horses every come in. These horses are called long shots for a reason. Sure, if they come in the rewards are huge, but it is better to win in small inclement than risk giving your hard earned cash away on a long shot.

Punting on “Value”

The value of a bet has been one of the main components in punting for many years. Value simply means that the rewards of betting on the horse in question far out weights any risk that might be involved. There is a formula to help you determine the “value” of a particular race found here.


A smart punter also takes many factors into consideration before placing an educated bet. It is important to consider the time of the year, the condition of the racecourse, and the distance of the race as well. How has the horse prevailed in these situations? Knowing the past performance of the horses in the race can provide you with the competitive edge.

Only Use Trusted Sportsbooks

If you are going to do your punting through a sportsbook it is best to deal with someone you can trust. It is vital that you keep safety and security in mind. Here are some of the bookies you could consider:

Bet 365
Paddy Power

These are just a few of the many trusted sportsbooks that offer a variety of special offers to new punters.

Use Punting Tools To Your Advantage

Use all the punting tools you can get your hands on to make the educated bet. Study the racing forms and understand how to use handicapping tools. In order to establish a good education in punting you have to be prepared to do your homework.

The Final Note

We do not recommend ever paying for punting tips and advice. Paying for advice is like punting itself there will always be risk involved. There is plenty of free advice floating around and in the end each punter must establish their own formula for success. Just because something works for someone else does not mean it will work for you. The best way to increase your odds of being somewhat successful as a horse racing punter is to put yourself in the best position to place a wager; which is accomplished by acquiring a wealth of information on the industry. Then again; sometimes you just have to follow your gut

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