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For those who are keen to learn about horse-racing and the world of racing clubs, a look at some of the major Australian racing club websites will help explain the basics. What is there to know about a horse and what are all those other terms that fly around?

The horse

It makes sense that a better horse stands a higher chance of winning a race. They have to be fit and strong and certain physical characteristics make them fall in certain categories: sprinters, middle distance and stayers or long distance runners.

The humans

There are humans involved, too. The list does not stop with the horse owner, the jockey and the trainer. There is the strapper, who is the horse’s personal attendant and who grooms, feeds and waters the horse. Who looks after the track? The track manager knows the condition of the racetrack intimately – firm, good, soft or heavy. The condition is “published” on the day of the race so that everyone knows what they are dealing with.
Stewards make sure that races are run fairly and according to the rules. The clerk of the course is a slightly more glamorous role. These riders in their traditional tailored red coats (a hangover from hunting in England centuries ago), ride on retired horses and chaperone competitors to the starting gates. They also deal with “immediate issues” and emergencies that may arise during a race, calling for calm, daring and accomplished riders. Barrier attendants have nothing to do with the Barrier Reef, but lead the runners into the barriers and control the horses once in there. Lastly, once the race is underway, there is the race caller, who describes the action, which is often broadcast on radio and television.

What is that?

You may hear some other terms around the racecourse. The birdcage is the area where horses are kept in preparation for a race. The mounting yard has nothing to do with horse breeding. The runners enter and exit the racetrack through this area. This is where the horses gather, where the jockeys mount them and where trainers give final instructions prior to the race. Jump outs do not refer to uniformed arrest teams that speed in, emerge quickly from their vehicles, and make arrests. Jump outs are unofficial trial races. They are not conducted under steward supervision as with a race or an official trial.

Join the clubSha Tin Racecoure

Membership is an interesting prospect with many benefits and privileges according to membership categories. Some clubs even have special memberships for children, with options to join fully when they become eighteen. Membership privileges range from access to luxury lounges to reciprocal agreements with other local and international clubs.

Need a job?

Major racing clubs offer a range of career opportunities for those who want to spend more than just a day at the races. The categories of jobs include business affairs, strategic planning, finance, human resources, marketing, sales and events and customer service.
It seems running a racing club is similar to running any other business – it needs to be profitable and serve its customers well. While it may not be the employer or industry of choice for job seekers, for those new to horse-racing and who are interested in joining the fray, the roles and some of the racing terms should now be clear enough to even join the club.



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