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Race callers in Aussie horseracing


Also called “race calling”, horserace commentating is a formidable job in Australia. The role has a number of past legends, stretching back to so-called ‘wordsmiths’ Bert Bryant, Des Hoysted and others. Over the years Australia has produced the world’s best callers of horse racing – Bill Collins (‘the accurate one’), Ken Howard and John Tapp (the JT Race Calling Scholarship came about because of him), are but a few. Greg Miles must be Australia’s premier race caller – he calls the Melbourne Cup each year. According to fans, Miles has it all – the words, poise and accuracy. He has a habit of making a good race feel like a great one.

Working for Sky Racing

Sky Racing lists the following race callers:

Darren Flindell – Darren returned to Sky Racing as a senior caller after a 16-year international career. Alan Thomas – Alan has wide experience calling major sports events for radio and television, but his first love is racing. From Brisbane, he is Sky Racing’s principal Queensland race caller. The AT Academy for Race Callers is colloquially named after him.
Josh Fleming – Hailing from country Queensland, Josh was the second recipient of the John Tapp Race Calling Scholarship in 2003. He is now a full-time caller and presenter.
Fred Hastings – After starting his career at the Richmond greyhounds, Fred is the number one harness race caller for Sky Racing.
Kevin Thompson – Kevin is a long-standing caller of harness racing in NSW for Sky Racing.
Mitchell Manners – The third recipient of the John Tapp Race Calling Scholarship in 2008, Mitchell is a graduate of the Alan Thomas Academy for Race Callers.
Luke Marlow – The latest winner of the John Tapp Race Calling Scholarship in 2012, Luke hails from Rockhampton in Queensland. His youth belies his experience.
Alan Hull – Amassing over 40 years in his craft of calling both harness and the gallops, Alan Hull is an everyday name on the tracks of the South West Riverina in NSW and on the airwaves.
Anthony Collins – Possessing an industry knowledge and natural vernacular, after gaining his harness racing driver’s license in 2002, Anthony was immediately seconded to call.
Col Hodges – Col has been calling races for over 40 years.

RSN Racing and Sport

RSN lists the following race callers:

Adam Crettenden – Occasional harness driver.
Adam Olszanski – Host of ‘The Thoroughbred’, Co-Host of ‘Correct Weight’.
Craig Rail – Harness racing enthusiast.
Dan Mielicki – Chief harness race caller.
Rick McIntosh – Country racing and jumps racing specialist.
Terry Bailey – A passionate racing man and TV host.

Role models

If you’re considering a career in horserace calling, or race commentating, role models abound and you have many to choose from to get some tips for success. Happy calling!



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