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Horse Race Betting Strategy Focus: Laying The Field

Looking for a new horse race betting tip? In this post, we’ll share how “Laying The Field” works.

laying the field

There are a several horse race betting strategies which you can utilise to score big. While horse racing pundits will tell you that there’s no single perfect strategy for the sport, applying a particular strategy in apt situations can produce positive results. One of those widely-used strategies for a horse race bettor is called “laying the field.” A “lay” bet is actually a bet against the results, which means you’re betting on a horse to lose a race.

How Laying The Field Works

laying the field strategy

“Laying the field” would be placing a bet against every horse in a particular race. So how would you win if you’re betting for all horses to lose? One horse should win, right? The win factor for this strategy comes from the prices you set and the number of horses that you match. The simplest example would be laying the field at a price under even money. We match two horses at a price under 2.00 then we’ll be guaranteed to show a profit.

It’s clear that won’t be two horses at this price before the race begins, “laying the field” is actually a strategy that involves betting “in play,” which is legal in Australia’s horse racing tracks. Let’s set the price at 1.75 then lay the field at $10 for each horse, this makes our liability for each at a potential $7.50. It’s important to set the bets to “keep” in order to remain in play even after the horses jump. Once you set the bets, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the race.

The Race Starts

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It should be an exciting race, the horses finally jump and the race starts. The horse named El Pistolero has broken away to a handy lead and pretty much looks a winner. The live odds for this horse come in from the 5.50 when it jumped, and our lay bet has been matched at 1.75. Another bettor is ready to back this horse for $10 against our odds of 1.75, which makes our current position:

El Pistolero Wins – we lose $7.50

Any other horse Wins – we win $10

All of a sudden, Pistolero slows down and runs out of gas. Another horse, Don Diego surges past at the 200 meter mark to take the lead. The live market adjusts; Don Diego now gets matched as the 1.75 favourite. Our position now is:

El Pistolero Wins – we win $2.50

Don Diego Wins – we win $2.50

Any other horse Wins – we win $20

Keep in mind we were to lose $7.50 on the original bet on El Pistolero, but now that Don Diego has been also laid and matched for $10, we need to return a profit, and vice verse for Don Diego. No worries, we’re still in great shape, whatever the outcome of the race, we lock a guaranteed profit just by having two horses matched at odds on.

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Don Diego looks like a clear winner, but The Captain storms down the outside! What a photo finish. Well, it doesn’t matter which horse won. It’s pretty simple since we got so close, and The Captain was also matched in the final stages at 1.75. Let’s check how it affected our position:

El Pistolero Wins – we win $12.50

Don Diego Wins – we win $12.50

The Captain Wins – we win $12.50

Any other horse Wins – we win $30

Now we have a healthy profit regardless the races results. We played it safe and got some profit from applying the “Lay The Field” strategy. A simple horse race betting strategy but works if you know how to use it to your advantage.

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