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How to use exclusive odds at Sportsbet Australia?

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How to use exclusive odds at Sportsbet Australia?

Sportsbet Australia offers exclusive odds that Sportsbet offers to Australian punters to help boost your winnings. Sportsbet offers punters or its members that regularly place bets on horse races. You will receive such exclusive odds offer on your email or phone or any preferred method of your contact that you have given the online bookie at the time of your registration.

If you receive an Exclusive Odds offer, all you need is to login to your account and navigate to the race card outlined and the selection will be highlighted in gold. 

How to add exclusive odds on your bet slip

How to place your bet with Exclusive Odds?

To place your bet with Exclusive Odds at Sportsbet all you need is to login to your Sportsbet account and navigate to the race card outlined in your Exclusive Odds offer, add the selection to your Bet Slip and it will be highlighted in gold.

Your Exclusive Odds are available to bet on Single, Win only bets with a Max stake. You are able to Fold Bets with Exclusive odds, but can’t use it with Bonus Bets, Power Play or other promotions. 

  • Exclusive Odds can’t be used in Punters Club, or Cash Out.
  • Also note that bets placed with Exclusive Odds are subject to deductions

Now from the race card, add the runner with your Exclusive Odds offer

Exclusive odds offers at Sportsbet Australia

The runner will appear in your bet slip with your Exclusive Odds. All you have to do is enter your stake and click Place Bets.

Exclusive Odds are subject to deductions

Deductions are an industry-wide requirement of fixed odds betting on racing. They occur due to scratchings and are applied as a deduction of cents in the dollar (effectively, a percentage) from your potential payout. All final field scratchings will incur a deduction to eligible fixed odds bets. A fixed odds bet is eligible for a deduction if the relevant scratching occurs after the bet has been placed. Any scratchings from before the bet is placed do not impact the bet.

Bonus Bet at Sportsbet AU

Suppose you place a $10 win bet on a horse with fixed odds of $2.50. Any scratchings that occurred before your bet was placed do not apply. However, there are scratchings after you place your bet which incur a total of $0.20 deduction per dollar (20%).

Now to calculate the payout when your bet wins you need to do the following math:

  • $10 stake x $2.50 odds = $25 potential payout
  • $25 potential payout x $0.20 deduction per dollar (20%) = $25 x 0.20 = $5 deducted amount 
  • $25 potential payout – $5 deducted amount = $20 actual payout.

All Fixed Odds racing which includes thoroughbred, Harness and Greyhounds, Bets may be subject to deductions when there is a scratching after you Place a Bet.

Final Field comprises the final acceptors as advised by the controlling Race Club. All bets struck prior to the Final Field being declared are accepted on an ALL-IN basis (i.e. no refunds for non-runners and no deductions from any other runner.) Bets struck after the final field is declared are eligible for a full refund on scratched horses or greyhounds and deductions will apply to remaining runners.

Finally remember that Exclusive Odds are Sportsbet offers sent at different times, so you won’t always be receiving them at the same time as everyone else. This means Sportsbet can personalise the rewards you receive to your preferences and provide offers on markets that interest you. Always have your browser of mobile or PC updated when you use Sportsbet bookie site so that it works all smooth when placing such offer and is not rejected due to technical issues. (with inputs from Sportsbet Australia)

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