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How To Open Your TAB Account In NZ To Bet On Races?

How to open your TAB account in NZ to Bet on Races
How to open your TAB account in NZ to Bet on Races

TAB is the official site and agency that offers all kinds of horse races, sports bets, and other such games for punters of Australia and New Zealand. If you are interested in placing your bets in NZ races then note that in New Zealand there are two forms of horse racing in NZ.

  • Thoroughbred Racing where the horse is ridden by a jockey
  • Harness Racing where the horse is driven from a cart called a sulky.

Harness racing is sometimes referred to as trotting in New Zealand, although there are actually two types of standardbred races based on the type of gait or running style:

Trotting where the horse moves its two diagonally opposite legs forward at the same time


Pacing where the two legs on the same side of the horse move forward at the same time.

You can bet on races in NZ both online or at the race track with TAB NZ Account.

 How To Open Your TAB Account In NZ To Bet On Races?

TAB account in NZ to Bet on Races
You can open your account even with TAB App

To open your TAB account in NZ you need to visit the TAB official site by typing the URL https://new.tab.co.nz/ on your web browser on mobile or tablet or PC.


You can also download the TAB NZ App on your mobile and get started

Click here to download the app for your iPhone

Click here to download the app for your Android

Your Android device should be using Version 5.0 or above

 Now when you are into the site click on Join Now button on the TAB homepage

Open your TAB Account

In the short form enter your details following the fields on the signup form. Once your account is created and you’ve deposited into your account, you will be able to start betting immediately.

TAB Registration NZ
TAB Registration Form NZ

Now Fund your TAB Account

Tab provides a range of deposit options including Credit Card, Debit Card and Bank Transfers. 

VISA or MasterCard: You can deposit funds into your account, using a Visa or MasterCard, via tab.co.nz and TAB App. There is a $20 minimum top-up and a $2.15 fee applies to VISA / MasterCard deposits.

Next, verify your TAB Account

TAB requires you to verify your identity with us within 120 days of opening your TAB Account. You must complete this step in order to withdraw winnings from your account and keep betting.

To verify your identity online, go to your account on tab.co.nz and use our online identity verification service.

Alternatively, you can verify your identity in-store. You will need to bring in your ID and Proof of Address.

TAB must ensure they can identify their customers, know their addresses and, in some cases, know the sources of their customers’ funds.

To verify your account online you need to have a New Zealand Passport or a New Zealand Drivers Licence. ID documents must be current & Proof of Address must have been issued within the past 6 months. If you do not have either of these you will need to go into an ID Verify TAB site.

The TAB NZ Account identity verification process is safe and secure – they use a tried and trusted third provider called Jumio and the latest technology to keep your identity details and personal information safe.

TAB Horse Races Carnival
Horse Racing Carnivals

When attempting to send your identification photo through for processing, you will get 5 attempts to successfully do so before being directed to retail to verify your identity in person. 

Also you must have your Account details and correct identification with you if you wish to verify on store.

After 120 days your account will be locked for all activity until TAB have your identification verified.

Note that new customers who have established their Account in the last 90 days will only be able to make one withdrawal per day, to a maximum of $500. 

Identity verification is a legal requirement for TAB customers. Completing identity verification will allow you to continue betting with the TAB, as well as withdraw money from your account.

How To Verify Your Account At TAB online?

As said above you can verify your identity with TAB online, sign in to tab.co.nz and head to your Account section and follow the prompts to complete the TAB account sign-up process without visiting a TAB store.

  • You need to have a TAB account with a valid username and password.
  • You must have the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, iOS and Max OS, IE11+ or Edge.
  • A working webcam or recent photos of your ID to upload through your Apple device.
  • Have a valid NZ Driver Licence or Passport.

Unfortunately, the Identity Verification process is not supported on the native app using Apple devices using IOS 11. To access your camera during the process which is required it is suggested that you close the app and open the website using a Chrome/Safari browser.

Once you have verified your account, login and select the ID verification link in the top right of your screen as pictured below:

TAB verification
TAB verification

Select Start Verification online as shown below:

TAB verification online
TAB verification online

Select Start, select your country, and then select the type of identification you will be using:

  • Passport
  • Drivers Licence

Follow the prompts on the site and read the tips to ensure you’re submitting valid and acceptable photos.

In the photo of you with your handwritten note, ensure your face and your note are clearly visible, otherwise, they cannot complete the process.

Taking an acceptable photo:

  • No glare or red eye
  • In focus and centred in the viewer
  • Neutral expression
  • Your note is not obstructing your face

Also review your photos before you submit for verifying to ensure that they meet TAB photo standards.

The photos will be uploaded and sent to Jumio and then TAB for processing. This can take up to 5 working days to complete. If TAB is not happy with your photos or detect something is wrong, they may require you to complete the process again or provide additional information to them.

Once you reach the end of the online Identity Verification process, you will be presented with a page that confirms that your ID documents have been accepted. They will then be checked by Jumio, our Identity Verification provider, and TAB staff. When these checks have been made, you will receive an email either approving your identity verification attempt or asking you to attempt it again.

How To Verify Your TAB Account At The Retail Store?

TAB NZ stores
TAB NZ stores

If you have attempted to verify your ID online, but it failed for some reason then you will get an alert to go to an ID Verify TAB site. Or if you registered online with an ID other than an NZ Passport or NZ Drivers Licence then you will need to go to an ID Verify TAB site.

You will need to take an approved ID into the store. TAB accept the following documents for verification:

  • New Zealand Passport
  • International Passport
  • NZ certificate of identity
  • NZ emergency travel document 
  • NZ firearms license 
  • NZ refugee  travel document 

Or one of the following as well as your NZ Birth Certificate/Certificate of NZ Citizenship and proof of residential address:

  • NZ defence force photo id
  • NZ police photo id 
  • Kiwi Access card
  • HNZ 18+ card 
  • NZ Student photo id 

Or an NZ Drivers Licence and one of the following, as well as proof of your residential address:

  • Full New Zealand Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of New Zealand Citizenship
  • Bank card from a New Zealand Bank (must be signed with your name embossed)
  • Super-Gold Card 
  • Community Services Card 
  • Bank statement or letter issued from a registered New Zealand bank (must be issued within the last 6 months and show the same name as your drivers licence)
  • Document from a New Zealand government agency e.g. Inland Revenue, Work and Income NZ or StudyLink

You’ll need to provide proof of your residential address. TAB accept the following:

  • Utility bill for your address
  • Power
  • Gas 
  • Water
  • Fixed Line Phone (not mobile)
  • SKY
  • Or a letter from a New Zealand based:
  • Bank
  • Financial institution
  • Insurance agency
  • Government agency (i.e. IRD)
  • Local council
  • Electoral office 
  • School or tertiary institute
  • GP or hospital (i.e. DHB)
  • Bank statement from a New Zealand bank
  • Tenancy agreement (if manually signed)
  • Employment agreement (not payslip)
  • Store account statement with the account number (i.e. Famres, TradeMe, Westfield (not invoice)
  • Drivers Licence (with Address)

How To Verify Your TAB Account In A Remote Way?

TAB Shark tournament
TAB Shark tournament

There is a Remote Identity Confirmation form if you’re unable to verify your identity on tab.co.nz or in a TAB store

Download the Remote Identity Confirmation form.

You need to  provide two forms of ID:

A copy of either your Passport or NZ Drivers Licence


A copy of a bank statement or utility bill

You will need to have your signature and ID endorsed by your trusted referee.  This must include the trusted referee’s signature and either their name and contact details or an official stamp.

In New Zealand a trusted referee must be at least 16 years of age and one of the following:

a) Commonwealth representative (as defined in the Oaths and Declarations Act 1957)

b) Member of the police

c) Justice of the peace d) Registered medical doctor e) Kaum?tua (as verified through a reputable source)

f) Registered teacher

g) Minister of religion

h) Lawyer (as defined in the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006)

i) Notary public

j) New Zealand Honorary consul

k) Member of Parliament

l) Chartered accountant (within the meaning of section 19 of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants Act 1996)

m) A person who has the legal authority to take statutory declarations or the equivalent in New Zealand Certification when overseas 

When certification occurs overseas, copies of international identification provided by a customer resident overseas must be certified by a person authorized by law in that country to take statutory declarations or equivalent in the customer’s country. 

In addition, the trusted referee must not be:

 a) related to the customer; for example, a trusted referee cannot be their parent, child, brother, sister, aunt, uncle or cousin b) the spouse or partner of the customer c) a person who lives at the same address as the customer d) a person involved in the transaction or business requiring the certification.

The trusted referee must sight the original documentary identification, and make a statement to the effect that the documents provided are a true copy and represent the identity of the named individual (link to the presenter).

Certification must include the name, signature, and the date of certification. The trusted referee must specify their capacity to act as a trusted referee.

Once you have completed the form,  you can email it with supporting documentation to: administration@tab.co.nz

You can download the Remote Identity Confirmation form by clicking here. (source of information from TAB NZ)

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