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Horse Racing Tips for the Rookie Punter

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It is easy to imagine that when a group of horses galloped across the plains in the Paleolithic Era, cavemen were standing nearby, and wagering on who was the fastest. Horse racing has been popular ever since, and continues to grow in popularity around the world. There are some skilled punters who would suggest that wagering on a horse race is so easy a caveman could do it, and in some ways this may be true. Wagering is not difficult to do, but wagering successfully is an entirely different horse race altogether.

We want to share some horse racing tips for the rookie punter. You don’t become a seasoned punter over night. As sure as the sun shines, and the rivers flow, someone is going to stroll into a horse racing track, and lay down their money on a horse because they like their name, and that horse is going to win, throwing all wagering logic into the wind.

However, although some punters are lucky, in the long run it takes time to hone wagering skills to the point where winning becomes an art-form. On that note, let us review some tips that every punter should know before they place their first bet.

Visit the Paddock

The paddock is the area where the race horses warm up for their races. Here the horse is saddled, and walked around a circle, to get prepared to run. This provides the punter an excellent opportunity to look the horses over before the race begins. There are a few things the punter should look for in their horse:

1. Does the horse show signs of excessive sweating
2. Does the horse seem nervous
3. Does the horse seem alert
4. Does the horse seem relaxed
5. Does the horse seem light on their feet
6. Does the horse seem edgy

These are just some of the things a punter can observe about the horses in the paddock. Obviously, you want to wager on the horse that seems relaxed, light on their feet, energetic, and ready to go.

Refer to Good Wagering Tools

There are helpful wagering tools to be found at the racetrack. One would be the Racing Program that is full of good information about the horses, the jockeys, the trainers, and the owners competing.

The other good wagering tool is the Daily Racing Form, which provides a little more history on the horses.

Handicapping Tip Sheets that are published by handicappers daily, will provide their picks of the day.

The Odds

The punter should be able to understand how “the odds” system works so as to determine how much money they stand to win on a specific wager. The thing to remember about these odds is that they are not based on who the bookie thinks is going to win, but rather on the way other punters are betting. You can find more information on understanding the odds by visiting our “ODDS”page.

Placing the Wager

Placing the Wager is the easy part. All the punter has to do is know this information to bet:

1. Name of the track
2. Number of the race
3. Amount to be wagered
4. Type of Wager
5. Number of the horse

When the punter provides that information they receive a ticket. The ticket is used to redeem their winnings should their horse pay off.

The most popular 3 wagering types are:

To Show – Your horse wins if they finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

To Place – Your horse wins if they finish 1st, or 2nd.

To Win – Your horse finishes 1st.

Obviously, the Show wager provides you with the best chances of winning, but it typically won’t offer the best payout.

Horse Racing Notes of Interest

Jockey’s ranked in the top ten win around 90% of the races.
The favourite horse normally wins around 33% of their races, but don’t pay as much.
More money can be made by betting on a long shot because the chances of them winning will be less.

These are our horse racing tips for the rookie punter. If you have any , or questions, visit our contact page, and let us know what you think.

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