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Does TAB Offer A Welcome Bonus To Bet On Races?

Does TAB offer welcome bonus to bet on races
Does TAB offer welcome bonus to bet on races

The Totalisator Agency Board, or popularly known as TAB  is the name given to monopoly totalisator  organisations in Australia and New Zealand. They operate betting shops and online betting. They were originally government owned, but in Australia most have been privatised. In Victoria, for instance, the Victorian Totalisator Agency Board was privatised in 1994. TABs in Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania were re-branded as UBET in 2015.

Does TAB Offer A Welcome Bonus To Bet On Races?

TAB offer welcome bonus to bet on races
TAB does not offer new customers a sign-up bonus

It’s unfortunate that TAB does not offer new customers a sign-up bonus regardless of what state you’re in. Recent legislation introduced prevents all Australian bookmakers from offering new customers incentives to bet, this includes TAB.

It runs a number of different promotions, most are available for all customers, click here to view what’s on offer at the moment.

TAB does offer weekly feature jackpots and pool guarantees.

TAB also offers bonus bets. TAB Rewards also offers points on your bets to use on Bonus Bets, Account Top ups, Gifts and Events.

To see which bonus bet is available for you all you need to do is

  • Log into your account
  • Go to ‘Menu’ at the top left of the page
  • Go to ‘My Account’
  • Click on the Bonus Bet page
  • Your available Bonus Bets will appear in this page

Bonus Bets will also appear directly in your ‘Bet Builder’ when you make your bet selections

Also you can see the bonus bet available for you on TAB App.

All you need to do is:

  • Log into your account
  • Swipe left to right on your screen to the side menu
  • Your available Bonus Bets will appear under the ‘Deposit Funds’ button
  • Bonus Bets will also appear directly in your ‘Bet Builder’ when you make your bet selections

To use bonus bet start by selecting your chosen bet as you would do normally, instead of adding a bet amount from your account funds, select your Bonus Bet.

When you select ‘Confirm Bet’ you will be told that you’re using a Bonus Bet to place your bet.

You can also receive other promos and offers at TAB on your email, mobile number and postal address.

If you’re not receiving any promotions from TAB by E-mail or SMS you can give a call on 131802 and they’ll check your account for any communications block.

If You Win The Bonus Bet What Will You Receive?

Bonus bet at TAB
If you win with a Bonus Bet, you will receive the ‘profit’ portions of the bet

If you win with a Bonus Bet, you will receive the ‘profit’ portions of the bet and TAB will receive the stake portion of the bet. TAB do not place any further rules around winnings turnover or minimum odds, the profit will be allocated to your Account Balance and can be used as you see fit, to bet again or withdraw. Suppose you use a $10 Bonus Bet at odds of $2 and the bet wins. You will receive $10 in your Account Balance, the stake of $10 will return to TAB.

How to Split the Bonus Bet?

According to TAB you can now split your Bonus Bet from the Bonus Bet screen in the My Account section of your TAB iOS app, Android app, or TAB.com.au when you are logged in. Once you have logged in, navigate to My Account and then go to Bonus Bet. Your eligible Bonus Bet will show a green button that says ‘Split Bonus Bet’.

Note that you can split your Bonus Bet into 2, 3, 4 or 5 new Bonus Bets. You can continue to split your eligible Bonus Bet as many times as you like as long as your Bonus Bet value can be divided by two, three, four or five even increments no smaller than $0.50. You cannot split any Bonus Bet that is less than $2.

Suppose $2 Bonus Bet can be split into 2 x $1 Bonus Bets (but not 4 x $0.50) and $100 Bonus Bet can be split into 4 x $25. Each of the four $25 bets can then be further split into 5 x $5 or 2 x $12.50.

 Note that your original Bonus Bet will disappear and be replaced with the newly split bets that you can then use and the newly split Bonus Bet retains the same expiry date as the original Bonus Bet.

Also each eligible Bonus Bet can only be used once.

On Which Games Bonus Bet Are Not Available?

There are many games at TAB that are not eligible for Bonus Bets, these are:

  • Win or Place with multiple selections
  • Each Way bets (pari-mutuel and fixed odds)
  • Parlay Formula
  • Mystery products, including 3UP
  • NRL Winners
  • NRL Score
  • AFL Win with multiple selections
  • AFL Doubles
  • AFL Winners
  • Non-flexi exotic bets
  • Trackside
  • Keno
  • Non-Flexi Super Multi’s, except for system bets where the number of combinations is equal to 1 (for example betting on 1 x System 4 in a four leg Super Multi)
  • Combos

Note that you are only eligible to receive a Bonus Bet if you deposit via an online channel using your Debit or Credit cards. Deposits made in cash or via BPAY are excluded from Deposit Offer promotions.

Do TAB Australia Stream Live Races?

Yes TAB Australia does stream live races. The TABs have extensive radio networks in Australia, except in Victoria and Tasmania where other parties own equivalent networks. All these networks share the National Racing Service, a continuous broadcast of thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing. This makes up the bulk of these networks’ content. Collectively, these networks own more radio licences than any other group in Australia – however, their terrestrial coverage is less than the ABC as they generally have tiny wattages. The heir of the NSW TAB also owns a national racing subscription TV service.

In New Zealand, the TAB owns TAB Trackside, a former near-national free-to-air and national subscription TV service. In the analogue era, most New Zealanders could sit at their TV with a standard aerial and watch racing. This channel is now only on Sky TV.

The New Zealand TAB was replaced by the New Zealand Racing Board in 2003, however the physical premises have retained the TAB branding.

Radio TAB is also used to live sports coverage (including horse racing) in parts of Australia.

How to Contact TAB Australia?

You can contactTAB Australia for Live Betting at 1300 408 773. For Phone Betting at 133 390 Operator

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