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Breeders and breeds of horses in Australia

Friesian edited

A horse is not just a horse, and breeders do not just breed any horse that can run a race. If we look closely, we’ll find a number of different breeds with different specialities and interesting histories.


The Friesian Horse Society lists around thirty top breeders of Friesian horses in Australia and four in New Zealand. Friesians are becoming quite successful in the dressage arena. The breeding of Friesians is strictly controlled and depending on the parentage of a horse, it will be recorded in a specific book.


Another interesting breed is the Shire horse. Developed in England, Shires trace their history to the days of the Roman Conquest and is one of the oldest of the well-defined draught breeds. The name “Shire” also comes from England, and derives its name from the Saxon word “schyran,” which means to shear or divide, hence the name “Shire,” that is synonymous with county. Shire horses qualify for several disciplines and activities that include trail riding, swimming and shows.


The Haflinger Horse was originally from the town of Hafling in the South Tyrol Mountains. The Haflinger breed originated in 1874 with the birth of the stallion Folie who was sired by an Arabian stallion and a mare from a Tyrolean indigenous mountain breed. All subsequent Haflinger stallions and mares can be traced back to that mating. The Haflinger was initially a workhorse used mainly in the high mountains as a helper for the farmer. It is in this close association with man that Haflinger horses really excel. All registered Haflingers must be bred from two pure bred registered Haflingers, in accordance with Tyrolean guidelines.


Thoroughbred Breeders Australia (TBA) is the parent company of the six State breeders’ associations and has an associate membership base of 3,780 individual breeders and industry participants. TBA is a non-profit industry body established for the benefit of the thoroughbred breeding industry. TBA is recognized by the Australian Government, the Australian Racing Board, the Australian Horse Industry Council, the Australian Stud Book, Austrade and by all state Principal Racing Authorities as the peak industry body. TBA has published a concise list of stud farms in all states. The Morgan Horse Association of Australia also lists breeders for all states.
Now we know which breed we want and where to find that winning horse!


http://www.tbaus.com/ http://anzfhs.org.au/

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