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Is Australia’s Horse Race Scene Here to Stay?

Greyhound racing is now banned in NSW from next year. Is it a different story for horse racing?

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New South Whales Premier Mike Baird has announced last month that he would put a ban on greyhound racing from next July after an inquiry found systematic animal cruelty in greyhound racing scene. The announcement comes as a no surprise since the greyhound racing scene has been experiencing a tumultuous conditions for years, and it was only a matter of time before the legislative body hits them. Is horse racing to be banned as well?

Greyhound racing is considered a racing event for commoners who have little economic clout, on the other hand, horse racing is an event for middle class and elites. A Four Corners Investigation revealed trainers were training greyhound dogs using live animals. Baird’s Special Commission of Inquiry eventually made its way into the industry has initiated a ban in NSW.

Will Greyhound Racing Ban Affect Horse Racing?

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Baird’s report says that in the past 12 years, around 70,000 greyhounds were euthanized because they simply didn’t put up with racing standards. Around 20% of trainers have use live-baiting to train greyhound dogs as well. Some industry experts feel it doesn’t bode well for horse racing, a number of racing pundits are quick to speculate that this ban can have a flow-on effect to the horse racing industry. Could the greyhound racing ban spread to horse racing as well?

David Attenborough, head of Tabcorp, says that greyhound racing affecting horse racing is a longshot. A potential ban to horse racing isn’t one of his concerns since he thinks that horse racing is well regulated and puts a premium on animal welfare. Administrators in Victoria and New South Whales have working closely with Attenborough to mitigate animal welfare issues.

Attenborough says, “Our job as a wagering operator is to ensure we comply with the regulations and provide money back to the codes so they can pay for and ensure that animal welfare is at the forefront of what they do. Tabcorp delivers back around $780 million to the racing industry; a significant proportion of that goes to the greyhound racing industry. It is important that money is used the right way to drive and ensure animal welfare is maintained.” the Tabcorp chief added.

Tabcorp Spearheads Racing Industry’s Animal Welfare

Tabcorp is working with sporting code advocates, regulators, and the government to continually support raise awareness about animal welfare and sports integrity. The company believes that Australian industries are world class and merits respect around the world since regulation is firm especially in the horse racing industry.

The NSW ban affected Tabcorp with an estimated $145 million loss after Mike Baird’s announcement. While the ban has sports analysts predict Tabcorp’s earning to plummet, Attenborough thinks that they will recover by significant substitution to other sporting events. Perhaps greyhound racing enthusiasts will eventually turn to a more prestigious sport of horse racing.

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